The Sámi People Awareness Decade (2009-2019) and it's objectives



Plans have been unveiled to open a new Sámi culture centre in Vukovarska Street in the Croatian capital.


Have a look at this photo of Sven-Åke Risfjell taken while he was working on his Sámi "duodji" piece in his workshop. Sven-Åke is a "duojar", someone who produces handicrafts.


A WINTER REINDEER SANCTUARY IN NORTHERN SWEDEN IN THE VERY HEART OF SÁPMI A group of Sami people, an indigenous nation of northern Europe inhabiting the informal state of Sápmi, traditionally keep their reindeer in the forests surrounding Jokkmokk during the winter season. This is a cradle of Sami culture and trading, where people harvest the advantages of modern living while still respecting their old ways.


Jokkmokk’s Winter Market, established by the Swedish King Karl IX, is a unique winter festival in Europe with 400 years of tradition. Even though the temperature can drop to -30˚C, most of the trading takes place outside along the main street.


The Sami people are among the largest indigenous ethnic groups on in Europe. They prefer not to be known as Lapps, since the term is considered derogatory. “Lapp” means a cloth patch used for mending, wrongly suggesting that Sami are a backward people wearing rugs.