The Ethisphere Institute, a New York think tank, announced its fifth annual selection of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. Almost 3000 companies were nominated this year, but only 110 managed to make it to the list.


How do we restore trust? According to new research presented by The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), sustainability reporting has become an essential tool to help businesses and governments rebuild trust and confidence in the wake of economic collapse.


The 9th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR and Global Governance has opened in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, with more than 24 countries taking part. Professor David Crowther, Chair of the Social Responsibility Research Network, gave an opening speech and he also wrote a summarizing foreword to the Conference proceedings.


Governments to play a stronger role in sustainability reporting to ensure a minimum level of disclosure and risk prevention.


2nd World Forum on Sustainability - Finding solutions to challenges involving economic, social and environmental sustainability through business initiatives and raising awareness of the public sector



The world’s young professionals are seeking passion. Passion for their futures, passion for their work, and passion for what they can do to protect the environment. How can we guide this new generation of professionals into channelling their values, passion and commitment into working together for a sustainable future?


The EuroEnviro was created in 1995 in Born, Germany. The aim was to exchange opinions with other students on environmental sciences and ecopolitical issues. Since 1995 the meeting has taken place in many European countries all over the continent.