The European Heritage Forums are an annual international crossroads for all stakeholders, professional or voluntary, involved in the interpretation, communication and dissemination of the cultural heritage organised in the context of the European Heritage Days (EHD). In 2011 the title of the Forum is: “Value the Heritage! European Heritage and Economic Development” and the themes being discussed are: ''Multifaceted heritage as a resource''; ''Heritage during the financial crisis – luxury or necessity?''; ''The economic potential of heritage beyond tourism''; and ''Heritage and sustainable development''.

 European Heritage Days represent a joint action of the Council of Europe and The European Union.



The Sámi People Awareness Decade (2009-2019) is an initiative born in Southern Europe in  the Republic of Croatia. It is designed to increase familiarity and understanding of the Sámi people among all the inhabitants of our planet. The focus of the decade is on the popularization of contemporary Sámi society, life and culture.

The idea for the decade came from Robert Kakarigi, founder of Ecogreen Europe, when he realized how little people around the world know about the contemporary Sámi way of life. Kakarigi and Ecogreen Europe, organization built around four pillars of sustainable development, reached out from Mediterranean Europe to the indigenous Sámi people living at the northern tip of Scandinavia and proclaimed the period 2009 - 2019 as The Sámi People Awareness Decade. The Decade is symbolically commencing on the United Nations’International Day of the World's Indigenous People, 9 August 2009.