The International Business Platform - Croatia is a connecting platform where businesses from anywhere in the world can tap into the opportunities and advantages available in Croatia and the wider region. This platform is also how businesses from Croatia and the region, such as trading companies, manufacturers, advisors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, specialists, and those in the real estate sector, can reach out to the international market.

The IBPC is also a business networking initiative. We offer Individual, Corporate, and Non-Profit members a platform for the exchange of contacts, ideas and qualified business referrals.

The IBPC customizes services for local, regional and international businesses, meeting the individual needs of each organization. We provide information and connections, as well as the organised and supportive framework necessary for successful business development activities.

The IBPC maintains a professional and well-structured international platform, which allows members to network in a deliberate manner. This system enables the development of personal relationships with fellow qualified and successful professionals, giving each member an opportunity to considerably benefit their business.