EcoGreen Europe, in conjunction with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Zagreb and Faculties of Economics at Universities of Osijek, Split, Rijeka and Zagreb are organising the CSR Lecture Tour in different regions of Republic of Croatia. Visiting lecturer, Robert Kakarigi will deliver the lecture titled Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a Global Economy from Norwegian Perspective between April and June 2012

The lecture reveals the way in which Norway promotes corporate social responsibility within Norwegian companies that are engaging in commercial activities and trade abroad. At the end of 2011 Robert Kakarigi went on a working trip to Oslo where he met with relevant experts and professionals in the field of CSR. This lecture is intended for students, lecturers and local professionals who have interest in economy, sustainable development and corporate responsibility. Those who attend the lectures have the opportunity to learn more about corporate responsibility practice at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH), Agency for Public Management and e-Government (difi) and other relevant organisations.

"The way we do business is constantly evolving at both local and global levels. Having a global perspective is important. However, we should encourage students to think globally in every aspect of management including CSR. Global thinking in this field is essential not only for understanding the best existing CSR practice models and benchmarking, but also for improving value and reputation of the brand, increasing employee motivation, satisfaction and loyalty, increasing the ability to identify risk and achieving higher levels of efficiency. Norwegian example is teaching us that CSR extends beyond an organisation’s statutory obligation to comply with local legislation and also that the essence of the responsible business conduct lies in responsibility towards the society, people and environment” explains Robert Kakarigi.

Robert Kakarigi is a graduate of the Royal Holloway University of London. He was a junior scientist at the University of Dubrovnik, Croatia and the University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI & CNRS/Ifremer, CREMA, France. He obtained his masters in Sustainable Development and Ecotechnology at Mid Sweden University, Sweden where he also lectured and coordinated master program.  He is a founder and managing director of EcoGreen Europe; Croatian based company established on sustainability principles.

This lecture will also provide students with an updated overview on the white paper Report No. 10 (2008-2009) to the Storting CSR in a Global Economy. More details about the white paper can be found at

The dates of the lectures are :

 Thursday 26 April, 10:00, Zagreb

Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Address: Jordanovac 10

 Friday 4 May, 12:00, Split

University of Split, Faculty of Economics

Address: Matice hrvatske 31

 Tuesday 8 May, 14:00, Rijeka

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics

Address: Ivana Filipovica 4

 Wednesday 9 May, 10:15, Zagreb

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics

Address: Trg J.F. Kennedyja 6

Wednesday 23 May, 13:00, Osijek

University of Osijek, Faculty of Economics

Address: Gajev trg 7