The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) launched the NGO Sector Supplement at the Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency, 26 - 28 May 2010. The new Sector Supplement enables non-profit organizations to measure and publicly disclose their performance on a range of economic, environmental and social indicators in a comparable way across the globe.

The rise of the ‘third sector’ has led to an increasing demand for greater accountability and transparency from non-profit organizations. The NGO Sector Supplement was initiated by the INGO Accountability Charter as a response to further enhance sustainability reporting practice in the non-profit sector. Sector disclosures cover program effectiveness, resource allocation, ethical fundraising, and volunteers.

The Supplement was created by a multi-stakeholder working group, incorporating feedback from 160 experts. “The partnership with GRI has allowed NGOs to compare their accountability initiatives with best practice in other sectors. In demonstrating their own accountability, NGOs need to show that they use at least the same standards that they ask of others”, said Beris Gwynne, Director for Global Accountability at World Vision International.

The NGO Sector Supplement was presented at the press conference on Thursday 27 May at 10:00. The Supplement was presented by Teresa Fogelberg, Deputy Chief Executive, GRI; Jasper Teulings, General Counsel Greenpeace International; Beris Gwyinne, Director, World Vision International and Jeremy Hobb, Executive Director, Oxfam International.

About The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

The Global Reporting Initiative has pioneered the development of the world’s most widely used Sustainability Reporting Framework and is committed to its continuous improvement and application worldwide. This framework sets out the principles and indicators that organizations can use to measure and report their economic, environmental, and social performance.

About the GRI Sector Supplements

The GRI Sector Supplements contain tailored reporting guidance including sector specific issues that are not adequately addressed by GRI’s G3 Guidelines. They are intended to help organizations produce sustainability reports that address the main sector specific impacts in an internationally comparable way. Finalized Sector Supplements include Electric Utilities, Financial Services, and the recently launched Mining & Metals Supplement. Reporting guidance is under development for the Airport Operators, Construction & Real Estate, Event Organizers, Media, and Oil & Gas sectors.