EuroEnviro, the annual meeting of European students with an environmental focus, is held this year from 20th to 28th May in Zagreb, Fužine and Rijeka, and the topic that will be discussed by 50 participants from all over the Europe is „Biodiversity and Urbanism“.

EuroEnviro was created in 1995 in Born, Germany. Since then meeting has taken place in many European countries all over the continent and this year is the first time that Croatia got an opportunity to become a host of this event.

Program of EuroEnviro2011 will consist of both theory and practice. Lectures, discussions, workshops and excursions will provide interdisciplinary approach to the topics with the goal of critical reflection on the issues at hand and the formulation of measures European students want to see in action.

Ecosystems provide us with services which are the basis of our existence. They provide us with food, water and fuel, they regulate the water cycle and purify the air, and yet everyday they are under strong negative anthropogenic influence.

Participants will share their experiences and opinions about those issues and symposium will be held in an intercultural and international setting, thus we hope that out of that synergy new ideas and solutions for biodiversity preservation and sustainable urbanism will emerge.

All lectures and workshops will be open for public so Croatian students and the interested public will be able to participate. Also, after the symposium all the video footage of the lectures will be available on the official EUROENVIRO 2011 web pages.